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Varmilo Minilo Series Eucalyptus 67 Keys Wired/2.4G/Bluetooth 5.0/Hot-Swap Mechanical Keyboard

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  • 65% Fine Size
  • 2.4g Wireless & Bluetooth 5.0 & Wired 
  • Hot-Swappable
  • Varmilo EC V2 Switches
  • Customized Mechanical Switches
  • Type-Cool
  • Soft Skin-like Texture
  • Fine Adjustment Keys
  • Designed by BUGERWORK
  • Shurikey Custom ABS Double shot keycaps.


Morandi Style Color Scheme

Morandi's color scheme is a high-grade gray tone, which makes the vision achieve the perfect balance.

Italian painter Giorgio Morandi created it.

Morandi's color scheme

Morandi's color schemeEucalyptus

Minilo is inspired by Eucalyptus, a succulent gray-toned plant color.

Composed of shades of gray-green, gray-purple, and cream, it's vibrant.


Mendozae is a pink succulent.
It consists of milk powder, cream white, and brown branches.
It is the source of inspiration design of this theme.

MendozaeCompact 65% Size

Minilo is small but functional.

It retains the independent direction keys and uses a rich combination of shortcut keys.

Compact 65% Size


VXB67: Dual-mode; Varmilo EC V2 Switches; White backlit

Varmilo EC switches are popular for their extreme typing experience. Smoothness is the most outstanding feature because of the no physical contact points. Varmilo EC switch keeps the original touch of the mechanical keyboard by using the EC trigger principle with the same inner structure as the traditional mechanical switch.

8 kinds of switches meet most people's needs.

varmilo switches

VXH67: Wired & Hot-swap; Kailh, Gateron, Cherry Switches; White backlit

VXT67:  Tri-mode & Hot-swap & RGB; Kailh, Gateron, Cherry Switches; RGB


Hot-swap version supports Kailh, Gateron, and Cherry mechanical switches.

Varmilo selects the classic feel and typing experience widely recognized by players worldwide and deeply optimizes them in terms of feel, sound, and lifespan. Together with the well-known switch brand Kailh, they launch the Kailh Prestige series BOX switches: Kailh Prestige Red and Kailh Prestige Click. 

light switch

If you are hard to choose a linear or clicky switch. Kailh prestige switches would be a great try.

Gateron switches are common among keyboard enthusiasts, especially in Europe. Gateron switches are smoother, which makes them feel better than Cherry. G Pro 2.0 switches upgrade the mold on the basis of the G Pro Series and have an RGB SMD condenser, which is renowned for its excellent lighting effect and tactile typing experience.

Comparison Chart

mechanical switches




Box, USB Cable, Key Puller, Keyboard, Warranty Card, Dust Cover, Additional Keycaps


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