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Shurikey Gear

Shurikey Brand Background

The Shurikey Gear team was founded in Shenzhen, China. The word "Shurikey" is derived from "shuriken", a dart-like weapon commonly used by Ninjas. We changed "ken" to "key", then we got our brand name "Shurikey", which conveys a feeling like a weapon and at the same time contains mechanical keyboard features.

Our team has more than 10 years of experience in the mechanical keyboard industry. Being professional and proficient in mechanical keyboard manufacturing, R&D, and being familiar with the needs of customers and the market, we are confident to deliver a quality experience with innovative mechanical keyboard products.

Shurikey Brand Philosophy

Since the inspiration for the brand name comes from a weapon, we want all Shurikey keyboards to be handy and cool like weapons. In addition, the exquisite craftsmanship we gave Shurikey might not be obvious at the first sight. Our dedication to details and structures can only be deeply felt and enjoyed when you are actually using it.

Retro Industrial Aesthetic

The mechanical keyboard is the memory of human beings for the technology and aesthetics of the past. In the new era, we pick it up again and try to recreate the beauty of that era. Shurikey incorporates industrial-era elements such as industrial knobs and rivets in a retro shape, supplemented by RHCM shell technology that can bring high-quality plastic texture, and two-color molding keycap technology to create a unique theme keyboard.

Hanzo and Saizo are the most famous ninjas in history. Shurikey Gear uses them to name its keyboards.

Hanzo 65% Mechanical Keyboard

Hanzo 65% mechanical keyboard is the first mechanical keyboard launched by Shurikey Gear, which is the result of many years of hard work and efforts of the team. Hanzo debuted with three themes, 001 in retro computer style, 002 in western desert style, and 003 in arcade game style.

Saizo 81% Mechanical Keyboard

Saizo 81% mechanical keyboard is the second themed keyboard of Shurikey Gear. It is 81 keys with the same color scheme as Hanzo 65%.

Unique Typeface

The typeface of Shurikey Gear is specially designed by the designer. Every letter and number has its unique form.


Shurikey mechanical keyboards' various decorative and functional parts, including cover, rivets, knobs, and rotating metal feet, are designed with a convenient and detachable structure, giving customers unlimited modification possibilities.

Those who purchase the themed keyboard will receive an additional removable top cover as a giveaway.
In the future, there will be more replacement accessories for Shurikey Gear.

The Hanzo series uses a swivel metal footrest, and the detachable design allows players to freely replace other footrests of different colors to match the keycaps and tabletop styles.

Varmilo EC V2 Switches

Smoothness and steadiness are our top priorities. After comparing with other switches, we found Varmilo EC V2 switches the smoothest and the steadiest one.

Although they are not regular mechanical keyboard switches and not hotswappable, we didn’t find a better option regarding how smooth the switches are. Also, they are really steady. Some switches are quite smooth as well, but there are not a lot of good choices that are smooth and steady at the same time like these Varmilo EC V2 switches. We have four different options: three linears ones Moxa, Sakura, Rose, and a clicky tactile one Ivy.


  • Support Bluetooth 5.0/wired dual-mode connection
  • Can connect 3 devices at the same time and switch quickly
  • Built-in 4500mAh large lithium battery

ABS two-color molding keycaps

Shurikey is equipped with 1.5mm ABS two-color molding original height keycaps. Its detail standards refer to the industry's top customized keycaps, and the characters, thickness, and adaptability are optimized. Those who purchase the themed keyboard will receive exclusive personality keycaps as a giveaway.

In addition, Shurikey Gear also launched a complete set of l167 keycaps to adapt to other brands of mechanical keyboards.

Fine-tune the satellite switch

Shurikey is artificially finely lubricated for the spacebar, Enter and other keys of each of its keyboards to ensure that there is no noise in the keys, and the large keys and small keys feel the same.

Silicone silencer pad, cavity removal structure design

A layer of soft and resistant silicone pad structure is sandwiched between keyboard's positioning plate and PCB, which can effectively improve the consistency of keys in different areas of the keyboard and reduce the noise caused by key vibration.

Shurikey tries to avoid extra internal space as much as possible in the structural design, and with silicone pads, it will have a solid feel and avoid hollow noise.


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